Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crazy little monsters

Hi! I'm Nita, I'm 22 years old and I currently have two nephews; a two-years-old and a five-months-old. I actually want to have a niece but these two little monsters have driving me crazy already.
So I decided to make this new blog about my nephews and maybe one day if I have nieces.

This is Muhammad Qaid Syaddad, born in March 20, 2010. We usually called him "Ipin" because of the "Ipin-Upin" cartoon show by Malaysia TV network... My nephew here looks alot like Ipin & Upin.

My other nephew is Naufal Nadhirrizky Supangkat, born in September 5, 2012. His nickname is Naufal but I prefer to call him Upal. This is his pictures:

Aren't they cuties? I'll post more of pictures of them both later.